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After four years, Google finally explains the origins of the dinosaur game in Chrome


When you try to visit a website, using Google Chrome, and you find yourself without an internet connection, a dinosaur appears with which you can kill time and play.


The Chrome Dino game is about a dinosaur that runs infinitely, allowing you to jump over cacti and dodge obstacles. The controls are basic: you press space to jump (and to start the game), and the arrow down to duck and up to jump. The goal is to survive for as long as humanly (or dinosaur) possible, or at least until the internet works again.


To celebrate Chrome Dino's fourth birthday, Google has published an interview with the developers who built the game, explaining its origins.


According to Chrome designer Sebastien Gabriel, it is a play that dates back to the "prehistoric ages", before the existence of Wi-Fi. While this will undoubtedly be foreign to some of our younger readers, others will remember that they can only really connect in certain places: home, school, work, and specialty internet cafes.


The initial designs of the dinosaur character were codenamed “Project Bolan,” which itself is a reference to Marc Bolan, the last lead singer of the 1970s glam rock band T-Rex.


Alan Bettes, Senior Visual Designer at Google, explained that the only restriction the team imposed on itself was keeping the movement rigid.


“At first, we thought, 'What if at first I did a nice kick like our favorite hedgehog from the' 90s? What if it roared to indicate to people that it was alive? But in the end, we settled on the basics any good runner game has: running, crouching, and jumping."


The game was released in September 2014, but initially struggled to run on certain platforms, particularly older devices. This required a rewrite, which was completed in December of that year.


The Chrome Dino game boasts impressive numbers, especially for something hidden from view, and you are likely to find yourself if your internet goes down. According to Edward Jung, Chrome's UX engineer, it is gambling 270 million a month, both on desktop computers and mobile devices. Most of the players come from India, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico.


You can play the Chrome Dino game without activating Airplane Mode. Just open chrome://dino in your web browser, and that will take you into an "arcade mode" where you can practice in a full window environment.


The current version of the game celebrates its 4th birthday and is filled with colorful cakes, balloons, and party hats.


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